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Archived UK Product Recalls

Last archived 1 September 2001 for recalls BEFORE September 2000

(12/11/2004) Product: SONY TELEVISIONS, model numbers - KV-32HQ100 and KV-36HQ100.
Problem: Potential risk of electrical shock.
Action: Unplug tv and contact Sony on 0800 1695263.

(29/6/04) Product: Russ Berrie pacifier clips - 'Noah's', 'Angel', and 'Sweet Beginnings'.
Problem: Clip edges may be sharp and cause a risk of injury.
Action: Return to stockist for full refund or call 0845 330 9010

(1/2/04) Product: Sports drink bottles - Lion King, Finding Nemo, Winnie the Pooh and Princess.
Problem: Bottle top may break off causing choking hazard.
Action: Call helpline on 0808 145023

(9/1/04) Product: Next Childrens sleeping bags.
Problem: Zip puller may become detached causing choking hazard.
Action: Return to any Next store or call 0800 032 4784.

(27/11/03) Product: Mothercare swimsafe jacket since May 2002.
Problem: Buoyancy foam may become detached.
Action: Contact customer care team on 08453 304030.

(18/11/03) Product: Mothercare travel extreme system - cosytoe since 5 Nov 2003.
Problem: Toggles may become detached causing safety problem.
Action: Call customer care team on 08453 304030.

(12/9/2000) Product: CARLTON TOASTERS, model numbers - CT1200 CT1204 CT1208 CT1209CW LT1000 MT1002 MT1004 and ELECTROLUX TOASTER model number - MT2000, sold by Currys and Dixons between September 1999 and August 2000.
Problem: Potential risk that the connections within the toaster's mains plug could be loose or work loose and therefore pose a risk of electrocution.
Action: Check that the terminal screws within the plug have been tightened correctly. If a screw is loose tighten it with a screwdriver to hold the loose wire securely. If a wire has worked loose or is insufficiently held, loosen the terminal screw, insert the wire in the hole and tighten the screw to hold the wire securely. Should you require any technical advice or have any other questions, please contact the helpline on 0870 2413984.

(5/9/2000) Product: 900 RTT Micro Scooter on sale since July at Woolworths.
Problem: The scooter has a sharp edge near to its front wheel which could pose a danger to young children if care is not taken when being assembled.
Action: A guard will be fitted free of charge at all Woolworths stores. Please return the scooter to your nearest Woolworths where the guard will be fitted. The guards should be in stock from Thursday 14th September and can be fitted in the store while you wait. No receipt is necessary.

(21/7/2000) Product: POWER DEVIL 1200w HOVER MOWER MODEL NO PDG4140, purchased from Great Mills since late June.
Problem: Blade holder can break whilst the lawnmower is in use.
Action: Do not use - return it to your nearest Great Mills store for a full refund, call 01761 416034 for assistance.

(20/5/2000) Product: IBM AC Adapter sold with the IBM ThinkPad 310 (Type 2600 only) and IBM ThinkPad i Series (Type 2611 only).
Problem: Unknown.
Action: Do not leave the adapter plugged into the AC outlet while unattended. Return your old AC adapter to IBM. Contact IBM for a free replacement AC adapter on the web at or send an e-mail to or call IBM on 01475-555055.

(10/5/2000) Product: Masterplug Heavy Duty Cable Reel (bought between February 14th and May 10th).
Problem: There may be a risk to customer safety, including a potential risk of electric shock.
Action: Stop use immediately and contact our freephone HELPLINE on 0800 7812507 - have the product available for identification when you make the call.

(4/5/2000) Product: Laura Ashley 'DEEP BLUE SEA' childrens bedset No 1063429 or 1054428.
Problem: Decorative buttons on the pillowcase may become detached and cause a choking hazard.
Action: Remove decorative buttons before use, or return goods to any Laura Ashley store for a refund. Call 0800 868 100 for more information.

(10/4/2000) Product: Acco Rexel Personal Shredders Models 40, 90, 95, 100, & 105, distributed since September 1999, if fitted with "MS" branded power plugs.
Problem: A manufacturing fault within the power plug can result in the plug top separating from its base, exposing live connections, and posing a risk of electric shock.
Action: If your machine has the suspect "MS" branded plug the machine should not be used, please phone our free Helpline 0800 1692448 between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

(14/2/2000) Product: Goodmans TV Model 206NS, sold through Comet, serial No:FT7X250001 -FT7X251040, FT7X300001-FT7X302000, FT7Y450001-FT7Y451200, FT7Z320001-FT7Z321000, FT81380001-FT81381200, FT82250001-FT82252370, FT83220001-FT83221500, FT84240001-FT84240940, FT85600001-FT85600300
Problem: Unclear
Action: Contact the service helpline on 0845 609 6099

(2/2/2000) Product: Index soldering kit No 350-316
Problem: In some instances, there is a problem with the casing/wiring on the mains plug of this product. The screw holding the two parts of the plug together may be insecure (this is not obvious on inspection) and can give rise to the plug separating. The wiring within the plug may also be incorrect, leading to a dangerous condition
Action: Return to your nearest Index store for a full refund

(28/1/2000) Product: Canepa and Campi ARTICA life jacket
Problem: Safety approval revoked - difficulty in putting jacket on without instructions
Action: Contact Maritime and Coastguard Agency on 01703 329184

(18/12/1999) Product: Wickes Skylight Window 200-116.
Problem: The opening section of the window, when used in its fully opened position, may in extreme circumstances become detached from the fixed window frame.
Action: Customers who have purchased or had the window installed from July 1999 are requested to contact the following Free Phone helpline no: 0800 849 2060 to arrange for installed windows to be inspected on site and rectified as necessary.

(1/8/99) Product: Budweiser screw top bottles, brewed in Spain and sold in Spain, Portugal, Franec, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Cyprus and Malta.
Problem: Fault in top may result in glass breaking leaving shards in beer
Action: Not sold in UK through genuine retailers - watch out for cheap bottles at boot sales, or brought in by bootleggers

(12/7/99) Product: B&Q Folding Charcoal Barbecue - Barcode:5014957084971 sold since 1 Feb 1999
Problem: Potential safety problem with the folding leg of this barbecue
Action: Return to nearest B&Q for a full refund or call the Helpline 01703 257323

(14/6/99) Product: Ladybird Barbie Sandal Style No: 0736/9s
Problem: Potential safety related manufacturing fault
Action: Return sandals to your nearest Woolworths store for a full refund

(17/5/99) Product: Oasis Lipstick Lighter Recall
Problem: Lighters may become hazardous
Action: Return lighter to your nearest Oasis Store where you will be offered a full refund

(5/5/99) Product: Ariston/Indesit Washing Machines and Washer Dryers with either a WHITE or BROWN surround to the door lock mechanism AND where the door lock mechanism is situated on the RIGHT HAND side of the door opening as shown above
Problem: Door may be opened when the appliance is in operation
Action: Call the Careline on 0870 2402780

(12/5/99) Product: HI-5 Bicycle Front Suspension Forks
Problem: Forks can break apart, causing the rider to lose control
Action: Call Zoobits on 01252 310291 or your authorised RST distributor

(24/3/99) Product: Kidde Safety Lifesaver 9CO-1 Carbon Monoxide alarms manufactured between 1 June 1997 and 31 January 1998
Problem: Chemical contamination of the sensor may compromise the detector's ability to sense carbon monoxide
Action: Call 0800 917 0722 8am-10pm weekdays and 9am-5.30pm weekends, or contact the Kidde Safety web site at

(28/2/99) Product: Philips jug kettles, types HD4388, HD4389, HD4390, HD4391
Problem: May become unsafe after prolonged use
Action: Stop using kettle and call 0800 917 1061

(28/2/99) Product: Marks and Spencer jug kettles, types: 1352, 1353, 1354, 1394, 1395, 1387 made 1992-1993
Problem: May become unsafe after prolonged use
Action: Return to local store for refund or call 0500 405 406

(22/12/98) Product: Folding Highchair - Index catalogue P577 item No 720-678
Problem: Clips attaching tray to highchair may be removable
Action: If so - new clips can be obtained from your store or from calling 0800 557700

(3/12/98) Product: Christmas stocking and decorative reindeer decoration - OPM Trading Ltd, bar code 5026770 342107
Problem: Easily detachable features on stocking and exposed nails on reindeer frame
Action: Return to the place of purchase for a refund.

(30/10/98) Product: Lone Star Scary Mask and Hairy Monster Mob Mask
Problem: False hair attached to masks is flammable
Action: Return the masks to the place of purchase for a refund. Contact JME on 0800 320 596 for any queries

(26/10/98) Product: IKEA HÄFTIG Toothbrush Mug & Soap Dish
Problem: Knobs on these products may become detached and present a safety hazard if swallowed
Action: Return the products to your nearest IKEA store for a full refund.

(16/10/98) Product: Happy Elephant Soft Activity Toy from Tesco
Problem: White popper on cot strap may become detached
Action: Return to any Tesco store for refund, phone 0800 505555

(20/9/98) Product: Twinkles babies dummies (soothers) 'Twinkles 2' with the code BN 318 or 328
Problem: Teat may become detached and present a choking hazard
Action: Contact product recall helpline on 01698 844020

(14/9/98) Product: Series 1 Bobob Childs Car Seat manufactured between 1/3/97 and 15/4/98 No 0000009 to 0018328
Problem: Harness securing anchor fault
Action: Contact 0800 389 8702 for free replacement

(22/8/98) Product: Woosung Darkhorse tyres, 185/65HR x 14, 185/65HR x 15, 205/60HR x 15
Problem: Safety problem
Action: Contact your supplier or Stapletons on 0870 6054321

(7/8/98) Product: Xpelair Premier range of condensation or centrifugal fans
Problem: Risk of fire
Action: Contact 0800 328 7097 to arrange for a replacement to be installed

(6/6/98) Product: Wickes square rung extension ladders, purchased 1/1/97 to 3/6/98
Problem: Rungs may come loose
Action: Contact 0500 300 328 for assistance

Product: Boots stainless steel kettle No 7400 to 8050 bought since Nov 1997
Problem: Hot water may splash from spout
Action: Return kettle to nearest branch, call 0845 0708090

Product: Sony KV-28FD1E Televisions serial No 3000000 to 3005490
Problem: Outside connectors may become live
Action: Conatct the Sony Helpline 0870 240 0421

Product: Sharp 14 inch colour TV purchased 8/97 to 3/98, models 37DM23H and 37DT25H
Problem: Aerial may become live
Action: DISCONNECT FROM MAINS, contact 0800 262958 to arrange inspection and/or modification

Product: Tesco novelty hot water bottle
Problem: Could leak from stopper causing scalding
Action: Return to nearest Tesco store for refund, or call 0800 505555

Product: NEC rapid phone charger, MRD-ADM-0004-05
Problem: Possible overheating
Action: Call 0500 194 500 7am-9pm for free replacement

Product: Wickes Fan and Static Ovens purchased between 1/8/97 and 30/11/97, serial Nos starting 9727-9733
Problem: Risk of inner glass door breaking in use
Action: Call 0800 783 6908 for free door replacement

Product: B and Q Nite Lite Snowmen code 24288194
Problem: Candle within snowmen amy pose a safety hazard
Action: Return to B and Q for refund

Product: Nachtmann 'Bella Italia' Oil Lamps 6006R/S/G 22cm high
Problem: Very dangerous, likely to topple over and cause a fire hazard
Action: Return lamps to vendor for refund

Product: Spear and Jackson 10inch 'Sure-Grip' water pump pliers 60-720R sold after March 1997
Problem: Manufacturing defect
Action: Return to vendor for refund or call 0114 281 4242

Product: Argos 12 Foil Christmas Crackers 269/1785
Problem: Plastic novelty camera inside cracker may come apart exposing small parts
Action: Return unused crackers to store for refund

Product: Beanie soft toy from What Everyone Wants stores
Problem: Leaking plastic granules can cause choking hazard
Action: Return to store for refund

Product: Littlewoods snow globe novelties, Nativity scene 89/918/313, Midnight 86/612/206 or Noel 86/616/002
Problem: Unknown
Action: Return to nearest Littlewoods store for full refund

Product: Zanussi ZFC47/52FF ZFC56/38FF ZFC56/48 and Electrolux ER2646C ER2656B ER2946B ER2947B refridgerators and freezers
Problem: Door hinges may fracture causing door to fall off
Action: Call free on 0800 33 43 53

Product: BHS 'Load the Donkey' toy lot 8052
Problem: Excess lead
Action: Call BHS on 0171 262 3288

Product: Tesco School Shop HB pencils, red with erasers, packs of 10, bought since June 1997
Problem: Metal ferrule may come loose and could cause hazard to children
Action: Return to store for full refund or replacement

Product: Bosch, Siemens, Neff Integrated cooker hoods FD No7602 to 7610
Problem: Front flap may become detached causing injury
Action: Contact 0800 3161010 for details

Product: Shimano Cycle cranks, FC-CT90, FC-M290, FC-MC12
Problem: Possible manufacturing defect
Action: Telephone free on 0800 525 565 for nearest dealer

Product: Stomil-Olsztyn tyres: 155/70R13 75T KORMORAN D 168, 165 R13 82T KORMORAN D 168, 185 R14 100P KORMORAN D 169
Problem: Potential separation of tread may cause air loss
Action: Call Freefone 0800 515942 to arrange inspection of tyres

Product: Mathmos Fibre Space Lamp serial No 273025-275000, 500001-502028, 425083-430000, 595001-595707
Problem: Plug transformer may crack in use
Action: Stop using lamp, freephone 0800 515771

Product: 'Next' small kilner spice jars M99455 £9.99 each
Problem: Jar rim may chip while in use
Action: Return to store for refund, 0116 284 9424 for details

Product: Jamie's Silly String aerosol
Problem: Labelling and flammability problems
Action: Do not use, return to store

Product: H and M Hennes childrens toy monkey sold April 1997
Problem: Safety danger with metal strip in tail
Action: Return to store for refund

Product: Wilkinson green plastic wire hanging baskets, 12" code 660004400 and 14" code 00706797
Problem: Possible faulty chain, basket may collapse
Action: Return to any Wilkinson store, tel 01909 505556 for information

Product: Karcher Power Washers model K620M serial No below NR607571 and K720MX serial No below NR9400
Problem: Pressure guage in handgun may be faulty
Action: Return to retailer for replacement handgun

Product: Daylight Studios 'Fluorescent Neck Magnifier' DS254
Problem: Some models may be liable to short circuit
Action: Return to retailer for modification

Product: Tandy 'GO' brand multi-voltage DC mains adaptor sold August 1996 to February 1997
Problem: Possible manufacturing defect, those labelled 'QC Passed 20' only
Action: Return to store for refund or replacement

Product: Vitax electric plug-in air freshener (sold mainly in north-west England)
Problem: Plug may overheat
Action: Return to retailer

Product: Mackays baby snow suits and anoraks product No 30/95/231, 30/95/010, 30/90/698, 30/95/258, 30/90/278, 31/95/104, 31/90/145 sold since Sept 1996
Problem: Fibres may become detached causing choking hazard
Action: Return to Mackays store, call 0141 887 9151 for details

Product: Kenwood food processor model FP101T since Jan 1996
Problem: Faulty on/off switch allowing processor to operate with lid off
Action: DO NOT USE, return to place of purchase for modification, call 01705 476000 (customer care)

Product: Synapse 668F floor standing halogen lamps with dimmer switch 500 watt AND Ring Torchiere floor standing halogen lamp with dimmer switch 300 watt
Problem: Poor electrical connections in dimmer switch may cause fire hazard
Action: Return to retailer (maybe B and Q)

Product: Remington Professional 1600 hairdryer D2120
Problem: On/Off switch malfunction, heater may remain on while motor is off: fire hazard
Action: Product recall by manufacturer, return to retailer or call 0800 163193 for details

Product: Matsui 1424 14" television sets from Dixons and Currys January 1993 onward
Problem: Internal component may overheat and catch fire
Action: DO NOT USE SET, contact customer service on 0541 541541

Product: ASDA Russian style 5-Santa doll, 4.99
Problem: Excess lead, chromium and barium in green paint
Action: Return to ASDA...product recall initiated

Product: Funtime ltd 'Incredible Growing Wild Animals' and 'Skeleton'
Problem: Models are designed to swell when in water..will cause problems for children if ingested
Action: Do not give to young children, return to shop

Product: Bestoy M-Y Christmas tree star light (19 lights)
Problem: Plastic bulb holders can melt with risk of fire
Action: Return to seller for refund, goods subject to recall

Product: 'Tin-Lites' novelty cigarette lighters in the shape of toys
Problem: Potentially hazardous as they are attractive to children
Action: Keep away from children, goods subject to recall by importer

Product: Hypervalue 100 bulb Fairy Lights
Problem: Badly fitting plugs
Action: Return to Hypervalue stores for refund

Product: Classic Christmas Candle Bridges XL6213, XL1390
Problem: May pose electrical safety danger, also some product has been found with counterfeit plugs
Action: Return to supplier, manufactured by Bestoy MY ltd, Wrexham

Product: Certain ceramic burners and nightlights
Problem: Wax from candles in ceramic containers can overheat causing fire or injury
Action: DO NOT USE, contact your local Trading Standards Department for advice.

Product: Table, desk, pedestal, and ceiling fans. Chinese, eg Akita, Mavichi, Awan, Coolstar, Alaska, Tokai, mainly made by Guangzhou Chaowei Electrical Appliances Corporation. See here for full DTI press release
Problem: faulty earthing, access to live parts and unsafe plugs
Action: Contact your local Trading Standards office

Product: 'Roseclear' pesticide, produced by Zeneca Agrochemicals
Problem: Undiluted product may cause serious eye damage
Action: NO LONGER APPROVED, withdrawn from sale, 0800 118822 for gardeners helpline, 0800 119922 for retailers DO NOT PUT DOWN DRAIN

Product: Hoover 'New wave' washing machines and washer driers (serial nos less than 60300000)
Problem: Possiblitiy of water leaking - potential fire risk
Action: Call Hoover on 0800 212335 for advice

Product: Potterton Hallmark, Seafire M and 3, gas fires
Problem: No atmosphere sensing device (for carbon monoxide build up)
Action: Return to supplier

Product: Culinaire Safety Can Opener
Problem: Burrs and slivers of metal left on can and lid
Action: Return to supplier

Product: Swivel Head Woodturning Lathe (Reliable Tool Co, Taiwan)
Problem: May fracture in use.
Action: Return to supplier (Great Mills)

Product: Triton Aqua sensation, Rapid and Wickes Jetflow showers.
Problem: Risk of electric shock.
Action: Do not use until checked tel 0500 565800

Product: Revlon professional 1600 watt hairdryer 097BS
Problem: Switch may malfunction
Action: If plug does not have green sticker return to Freepost GL2279 Stroud, GL5 5BR. tel 0800 220363

Product: Fif hairdryer 1400 watt BS606D
Problem: Safety fault may develop
Action: Do not use, return to Aldi store for refund, tel 01827 711800

Product: Mothercare babywalker with toy tray (from May 1995)
Problem: Red musical button can be removed (choking hazard)
Action: Return to Mothercare for modification

Product: Haishi rechargeable shaver RM 1900
Problem: May be dangerous
Action: Return to supplier (Makro in UK)

Product: Micromark electric desk and pedestal fans MM 9044 MM 9046
Problem: Safety faults
Action: 0181 889 3232 for replacement part or return to supplier for refund

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