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government - uk
Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services
Scottish Trading Standards Chief Officers Society
London Trading Standards Authorities
The Office of Fair Trading
The Department of Trade and Industry
The Health and Safety Executive
Financial Services Authority
HM Customs and Excise
Gas and Electricity Regulator
Telephone Regulator
Premium Rate Telephone Regulator
The Charity Commission
Convention of Scottish Local Authorities
Crown Prosecution Service
List of Quangos
Environment Agency
Welsh National Assembly
UK Parliament
Scottish Parliament
Scottish Executive
National Weights and Measures Laboratory
Scottish Courts Service
England and Wales Courts Service
UK Patent Office
UK Patent Office (Intellectual Property)
government - worldwide
EU Directorates General
Treaty of Rome
The U.S. Consumer Gateway
The Federal Trade Commission
The Food and Drug Administration
The Consumer Product Safety Commission
Product Recall Australia
Bureau of Consumer Protection
Western Australia Ministry of Fair Trading
Trade Measurement Victoria
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
New York State Consumer Protection Board
Hawaii Consumer Protection
consumer organisations

Trading Standards Net
BBC Watchdog
The Advertising Standards Authority
National Consumer Council
Scottish Consumer Council
Welsh Consumer Council
Welsh Consumer Council - Consumer Education site
National Federation of Consumer Groups
Financial Ombudsman
National Association of CABx
The Consumers' Association
Consumers International
Consumer World
Consumers institute of New Zealand
Italian Association for the Consumer's Rights
The European Consumer Centre

industry organisations
Anti Counterfeiting Group
The Business Software Alliance
European Leisure Software Publishers Association
Retail Motor Industry Federation
The Finance Industry Standards Association
Federation Against Software Theft
Federation Against Copyright Theft
The MCPS-PRS Alliance

Civil Aviation Authority - ATOL
Federation of Tour Operators
Association of Independent Tour Operators
Association of British Travel Agents
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Video Standards Council

safety related
Childrens car seat website
EMC compliance club
International Standards Organisation
Intertek Testing Services
British Board of Agrement
Nemko testing house
Safety Link
Corgi (Gas Installers)
legal and miscellaneous
National Extension College DCA course
How to complain - simple huh?
Law On The Web
Trading Standards Central
The National Fraud Information Centre
British Board of Film Classification
British Standards Institution
Environmental Health Institute
Timeshare Consumers Association
UK Accreditation Service
UK Legal
Net Retail Federation
Holiday Travel Watch

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