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UK Product Recalls

(29/6/04) Product: Russ Berrie pacifier clips - 'Noah's', 'Angel', and 'Sweet Beginnings'.
Problem: Clip edges may be sharp and cause a risk of injury.
Action: Return to stockist for full refund or call 0845 330 9010

(1/2/04) Product: Sports drink bottles - Lion King, Finding Nemo, Winnie the Pooh and Princess.
Problem: Bottle top may break off causing choking hazard.
Action: Call helpline on 0808 145023

(9/1/04) Product: Next Childrens sleeping bags.
Problem: Zip puller may become detached causing choking hazard.
Action: Return to any Next store or call 0800 032 4784.

(27/11/03) Product: Mothercare swimsafe jacket since May 2002.
Problem: Buoyancy foam may become detached.
Action: Contact customer care team on 08453 304030.

(18/11/03) Product: Mothercare travel extreme system - cosytoe since 5 Nov 2003.
Problem: Toggles may become detached causing safety problem.
Action: Call customer care team on 08453 304030.

(27/9/03) Product: B and Q Double wooden garden swing.
Problem: Potential problem with D shackles.
Action: Contact helpline on 0800 389 7897.

(9/9/03) Product: Sony Ericsson UKcharger CST-13.
Problem: Risk of component failure - electric shock.
Action: Call customer care centre on 0800 587 6072.

(27/6/03) Product: Early Learning Centre Blossom Farm teething ring 101895.
Problem: Quality problem.
Action: Call customer services on 01793 443322 or return to store for refund.

(7/3/03) Product: H & M childs sleeping bag with cat logo code 923670.
Problem: Zipper tab may become detached - choking hazard.
Action: Call helpline on 0207 323 2211 or return to store for refund.

(7/3/03) Product: JVC portable audio - RC-BX33, RC-BX53, RC-BX330, RC-BX530, RD-T7R, RD-T5, RD-T70LBU.
Problem: Faulty mains lead may pose risk of electrocution.
Action: Call helpline 0800 634 0101 for free replacement cable

(7/3/03) Product: Micromart Time 4 Tea teamaker MM9863, MM9863MO.
Problem: Faulty circuit board may pose fire risk.
Action: Stop using and call helpline on 0800 328 2446

(12/12/02) Product: Wickes 2kW Electric fire - No 450217 produced 1 June to 31 October 2002 .
Problem: Heating element may remain on.
Action: Freephone 0800 587 7280

(12/11/02) Product: IKEA Snuttig soft toy .
Problem: Stuffing may leak and be inhaled or swallowed.
Action: Return to store

(19/9/02) Product: PMS hot water bottle - PMS-SS131ST-01/06 .
Problem: Water may leak.
Action: Stop using immediately - call 0800 652 1352

(3/8/02) Product: Kenwood handblender HB 600/610/630/640/650/660/150 .
Problem: Blade may crack or break in use.
Action: Stop using blender and contact Kenwood on 0808 156 3200.

(25/5/02) Product: ASDA - girls long sleeve hooded tops, popper, denim marigold and basics holiday shop, on sale since March 10.
Problem: Poppers may come loose from clothing.
Action: Return to any ASDA store for refund.

(30/4/2002) Product: ASDA - RAAR Ceramics pint mug barcode 27231784.
Problem: Product may crack in use.
Action: Return to any ASDA store for refund.

(11/4/2002) Product: Wiggly Giggler rattle - Hands on Toys.
Problem: If rattle breaks small parts may become accessible, causing choking hazard.
Action: Stop using rattle and call 0800 7837101.

(5/2/2002) Product: Hammer and wrench multi-tools - T09/07550/4514 and 4516 on sale since October 2001.
Problem: Handle of pull out pliers may break.
Action: Return to any Marks & Spencer store for refund.

(11/12/2001) Product: Nicky Clarke Supersilent Hot Air Styler model NCA3, on sale since August 2001.
Problem: Handle casing may break open.
Action: Call customer helpline on 0800 587 2405.

(16/11/2001) Product: Universal Electronics/One for All (UK) Remote Control Extender SV1000 March 1998 - June 2000.
Problem: Fuse failure may cause overheating.
Action: Call 0808 1000296 helpline or return to One For All (UK) Ltd.

(6/11/2001) Product: Interak mini transporter toy, sold through Asda.
Problem: Train funnel may easily detach causing hoking hazard.
Action: Return to Asda for refund.

(25/8/2001) Product: Johnson and Johnson Intouch 8 Baby Monitor.
Problem: Alarm system may not work in some circumstances.
Action: Stop using and call Careline number on 0800 5832203 8am-8pm.

(15/8/2001) Product: Woolworth 'Workshop' axle stands TT 632J and axle stands set code 252171570.
Problem: Stands may not provide intended security under certain conditions.
Action: Return to nearest Woolworths for full refund.

(25/5/2001) Product: Travelmasters travel adaptors and mosquito killers, barcodes 5014716000020/266/099/013, purchased in the last 3 months.
Problem: Unknown.
Action: Do not use the product and contact the helpline on 0800 652 6417 8am - 8pm.

(26/7/2001) Product: Wharfedale M8 and 890 28 inch widescreen TV.
Problem: Profilo Electronics is checking and modifying some Wharfedale Widescreen TV's which may contain a faulty component. The fault could cause a fire .
Action: Turn the TV off and unplug it - Contact the customer helpline on FREEPHONE 0800 0732473

(15/4/2001) Product: Dreamland electric blanket 9 heat setting controllers models EC 20/30/40/50/60/70 with a batch code ending in 8 or 9, 198 thu 528 and 019 thu 409.
Problem: Potential component failure.
Action: Disconnect immediately and contact the service line on 0800 0922 365.

  (5/3/2001) Product: Rapesco Master Nailer 180EL nailgun, July 1999-March 2001.
Problem: Risk of personal injury.
Action: Stop using immediately and contact the helpline on 0800 0352744 weekdays.

(5/2/2001) Product: Naiko Widescreen Televisions Model No. N2811W.
Problem: Possibility of a component failure which may result in overheating, which in extreme cases could potentially become a fire risk..
Action: Contact the ScottishPower Service Centre on 0345 125810, or in Scotland 01698 783120 - a free of charge home visit will be arranged.

(17/1/2001) Product: McDonald's 102 Dalmatians Promotion Oddball Toy (second digit is a 7 or an 8).
Problem: Some of these toys may, through use over time, expose a wire that could be potentially hazardous to small children. As a precaution McDonalds are recalling these toys..
Action: Send toy to McDonald's Happy Meal Toy (CV1879), FREEPOST, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 1BR (enclosing details of name and address) to receive a full refund of 1, or call Customer Helpline on 0800 975 8792.

(30/12/2000) Product: Boots Aromatherapy Mood Candles, code 18-77-992.
Problem: Wick may not be central, causing the pot to ignite.
Action: Return to your nearest Boots store for a full refund. 0800 316 3164 for any questions

(9/11/2000) Product: Childs hooded orange wool coat with floral motif, 6 months - 4 years, code 88216121413111.
Problem: Potential quality fault.
Action: Return to the Customer Service Desk of any ASDA store for a full refund.

(13/10/2000) Product: Firestone 4x4 Tyres: P 235/75 R 15 S ATX, P 235/75 R 15 S ATX II, P 235/75 R 15 Wilderness AT (only with DOT serial commencing "VD")
Problem: There is a possibility that in certain circumstances and operating conditions tread separation and rapid tyre deflation may occur.
Action: Motorists who believe they may have these 4x4 tyres fitted to their vehicle, or who may have any concern related to this announcement are requested in the first instance to call 0800 544 445.


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